Zapor and Zupas doing really well with their training and taking everything in their stride. A spot of paddling today! We will be filming their progress throughout their training period and will post their videos here and on our facebook page.

The training required for preparing horses for commercial work is on a different level to pleasure driving / riding.  We try to expose the horses to as many different situations as possible so they can build confidence and learn how to cope under stress. The training is carried out at the horses pace, they will dictate when they are ready! Rushing a horse or bullying / frightening it into acceptance / submission will never work, they need to learn in their own time with a kind, confident teacher.  When they realise they can trust their driver in any situation great things will happen!

When out on a commercial job you never know what might happen. I was speaking to a coachman the other day and he told me of a time when he was driving a team of 4 for a funeral and a lorry carrying plastic blue water barrels was approaching. The ratchet straps holding the barrels on snapped and they all came tumbling off the lorry bouncing down the road towards him.  When you are in this kind of intense situation you need to have trust in your horses and they in you!