Thornhill Farm Retirement Livery


A home from home for your special friend. We are a friendly, professional private farm that is home to a small number of retirees, they are very much a part of the family and are looked after as our own.

The farm has 13 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside and a wooden stable yard where each horse has it’s own 12’ by 12’ stable which includes a hay bar, rubber matting, salt lick and shavings bed.

All the fields have perimeter post and rail fencing (no barbed wire), automatic water troughs and natural shelter. 2 paddocks are reserved for the winter months (nearest the stables) and have hardstanding where we feed hay during the day which keeps the horses off the mud when feeding.

We are a very small yard (maximum of 5 horses) so your horse will receive lots of one on one attention! 

We welcome owners to visit their horse whenever they like, there are no restrictions on visitation. 

Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a site visit to see the farm and it’s equine residents!

Arrange a visit

We would be delighted to speak to you about your requirements and arrange a time for you to come and visit us. Please complete the enquiry form below or call us on 07821742016.

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Horse and Carriage Hire For Weddings

FULL RETIREMENT LIVERY PACKAGE: 15hh + £425 per calendar month
Under 15hh £400 per calendar month

– Twice daily checks (owners live on site)
– Worming 4 x per year (wormer included, typically use Equest and Equest Pramox)
– Good quality meadow hay (from our neighbouring farm) / haylage
– Hard feed (either what they are currently on or they can switch over to our feed, we will discuss feeding requirements with you)
– Sawdust bedding
– Salt lick in stable
– Attendance with Vet, farrier and dentist when required (attendance only, the vet / farrier / dentist fees are not included)
– Supplements and medications administered as required (provided by the owner)
– Own 12 x 12 stable. Horses are brought in during bad weather / heat of the day.
– Turnout in well maintained, post and rail and electric fenced paddocks
– Hardstanding in winter paddock where hay fed during the day to prevent mud fever
– Rugging / changing rugs when appropriate in the winter
– Fly masks / sheets when appropriate in the summer (put on in the morning and taken off at night)
– Application of sun block on pink noses during the summer
– Regular grooming, feet picked out , baths , general contact
– Minor cuts and grazes cleaned and treated
– Fields rotated and harrowed
– Troughs cleaned regularly
– Summer seasons 24/7 turnout (stabled during the day if very hot)
– 24/7 Veterinary cover by local equine vet – horses are automatically registered with our vet unless you’d prefer to use your own.
– Full public liability cover held
– Experienced owners with over 20 years experience with horses
– Lots of love and cuddles!!!

“For anyone looking at this wondering if this would be the right yard to move your ageing fur baby… this is an exciting opportunity and life style change for your horse! I moved my precious girl Dolly to Julie’s yard over 6 years ago and I promise I’ve not looked back! Dolly is not just on retirement livery she is living the 5* experience us mere humans get to experience maybe 2 weeks of the year in Dubai! The icing on the cake is that Julie truly loves and cares for your fur baby as much as you do… if Julie has any health concerns or notices behavioural changes she’s on the phone to you! I just couldn’t imagine Dolly to be in anyone’s care but Julie’s, I’m truly grateful for all she does” Testimonial from Eve, Dolly’s Owner

We are near East Grinstead, West Sussex in a village called Ashurst Wood:


T: 07821742016