As one might guess from the name, we operate a Horse Drawn Carriage Company – aptly named The Horse Drawn Carriage Company.  At the centre of this little enterprise is Tommie and Charlie, our wonderful, cheeky, lovable carriage horses who quite simply have taken over our lives!  As one might imagine, running a commercial carriage business has given us many wonderful adventures, but there have also been many dramas & meltdowns (mostly funny but some bordering on insane) and as such I started to write our little adventures down and here it is, our first blog.  The intention is to record on here the day to day antics of our carriage horses and their live in “staff”, from the weddings we have the pleasure to be part of to the general mayhem when Charlie decides to pull down all the fencing and run wild with the goats.   So I hope you enjoy our little blog, and here’s to Tommie and Charlie, because basically everything revolves around them!