Horse drawn hearse hire for funerals



We provide a matched pair of beautiful black 17hh European warmbloods put to a brand new, bow fronted black hearse. The hearse has decorative roof finials, etched glass and white metal fittings. To compliment the hearse our coachman and footman are turned out in full black coachman livery with silk top hats and black ties or a tie of your choosing. The horses wear harness that is of exceptional quality black leather with patent black collars and bridles and white metal fittings to match the funeral hearse. They can also wear high quality black ostrich plumes and black modesty drapes (we can provide other coloured drapes/plumes or custom made drapes on request).  

In every job we undertake we pride ourselves on our level of turnout. Prior to each booking the horses will be bathed, harness and hearse cleaned and white metal polished.

Horse drawn hearse hire for funerals
Horse drawn hearse hire for funerals

Head coachman

Our head coachman has a lifetime’s international experience driving and training horses. Starting out as a rough rider for the Royal Mews he participated in state occasions with a high degree of public contact. Later he managed the riding and driving stables for the Saudi Royal Family HRH Prince Khaled Bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, has provided coaching teams for Royal Ascot and showing events throughout the UK and managed the carriage stables at Beamish Museum. He has undertaken hundreds of commercial carriage jobs over the years and keeps high standards when it comes to turnout and professionalism.

Safety & risk assessments


• Undertake a detailed risk assessment for each job undertaken.
• Assess the route the carriage will take, in person, ahead of the booking.
• Regularly service our carriages and hearse.
• Have 5 million public liability insurance.
• Are WATO certified.
• Have an Operators Licence.
• Source our horses ourselves and undertake rigorous training with them to ensure they are capable, safe and able to do the job asked of them.
• Use a modern new hearse with disc brakes on all 4 wheels.

“We recognise the sensitivity when organising a funeral and therefore aim to provide a service that is second to none”


Our horses and hearse are transported in a bespoke horse lorry.  Ahead of each booking we identify a suitable place to park up to prepare the horses.

We set a maximum distance of 10 miles for the horses to travel, we can either drive the whole journey if it is within this distance or meet a motorised hearse part way.

  • British Driving Society Qualified
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Operators Licence – Licence no. OK2011801
  • WATO certified