Loki and Odin: Our matching pair of black carriage horses for hire 

Our beautiful black 17hh European warmbloods from Hungary called a Nonius breed. They are also half brothers, both 6 years of age and have real presence about them. 

 The Nonius breed was originally bred to pull artillery wagons in the war hence they were bred with specific traits which make them suitable for carriage work.  They are well known for their calm, docile temperament and intelligence and are very strong work horses. 

Loki very much lives up to his name (God of mischief) as he is constantly up to no good! He will open any gate latch and can untie lead ropes with ease.  If he’s in the yard he will tip over the wheelbarrow and pull all the head collars off their doors. You can’t leave anything near him! He regularly tests the post and rail fencing to see which rail he can pull down to get into the next field and when we tried to fix this with a strip of electric fencing he identified the on / off switch of the battery, switched it off then undid all of the electric rope!

Odin also lives up to his name (God of battle) because he is always the one to start a play fight with his brother but unfortunately he usually ends up worse for wear! He never learns and always goes back for more despite loosing half an ear courtesy of his brother when they were yearlings. We have tried all kinds of hoods and coverings but Loki just pulls them off. He is starting to grow up a bit so we are hoping the play fighting will cease, or it’s separate fields for them both!

Tommie and Charlie: Our matching pair of grey (white) carriage horses for hire

Tommie and Charlie are real head turners, being half brothers it is quite difficult to tell them apart! They know exactly what their job is and they love to get involved, be the centre of attention and have a fuss made of them.

Tommie and Charlie were born a few months apart from each other and have spent their whole lives together. At 16 years of age they are extremely experienced at their job.

Tommie is a 15.3hh Welsh Cob X Percheron. He loves the attention and enjoys posing for the camera. Just watch your bouquet as he does like a snack! He is a very laid back character and likes to take everything at his own pace.  He is more than happy to leave all the exertion up to Charlie and often needs reminding that he is there to do some work!

Charlie is our cheeky chap. He is almost identical to his brother Tommie although slightly smaller at 15.2 hh. He is also a Welsh Cob X Percheron. Charlie gives 110% in everything he does and loves to show off. If he see’s a video camera he thinks it’s all for him and starts striking a pose!  He is quite particular and likes things done a certain way otherwise he gets the hump. His nickname on the yard is Victor Meldrew but you can always get round him with a fuss and a carrot!