Quite a busy day today, got woken up by Nora Batty the goat who had decided enough was enough, her breakfast was running far too late. Was given a full on groom and hair wash which was quite vexing as I’d spent ages yesterday getting an even covering of mud and had even managed to get a full on bush embedded into my mane which I thought was quite fetching. Then went out in the carriage with my brother Tommie, we did a sweep of the village which I always like as it gives me the opportunity to show off. Had a few pats from the locals and a carrot then came home, so quite a nice little outing, not to strenuous. After a handful of food (apparently I’m too fat), I went out into our field with Tommie. We took one look at each other and decided we looked far too clean and white, not cool, so set off in search of the wettest, muddiest patch and had a good old roll. I have to say Tommie did quite a good job; he’s now sporting mud dreadlocks and even managed to get mud on his eye lashes, respect. After the mud pack, I set off to consume my body weight in grass; thankfully they’ve opened up the rest of the field so I’ve got quite a lot to munch through today.  Think I’ll manage a good 6 hours solid eating. Tommie had a quick buckaroo around the field but I just think that’s wasting valuable eating time. I was soon distracted by a couple of horses coming down the lane…it was the silly thoroughbreds at our yard. I really don’t get them…skipping here and there they must get so exhausted, it makes me exhausted just watching them.  None the less I decided to trot over to them to say hi and one of them got so het up they planted themselves in the bush. I mean honestly, what’s their problem!  Soon it was time to come in for supper, again only a handful of food…they seriously need to address this situation.