So we’ve decided every Tuesday to do a post about an interesting carriage driving fact / a throwback to history or it might just be something we’ve seen which made us laugh and is worth sharing!
To kick start we thought we would share this rather wonderful photo taken in mid 1860s of a Mr Amos H. Rockwell and his two Morgan stallions who he used to drive with nothing but a surcingle!( A strap which goes around the horses waist). Now you might think this is a load of old codswallop and that this photo has been edited, but I kid you not this is not fake news! Rockwell was famous for driving his stallions without full harness or bridles – he relied solely on the use of his voice. In his own words “We have a higher and nobler aim than to merely tame and subdue this valuable animal. Our object is to educate him — to operate through such intelligences as are given him; and by careful, patient, and kind treatment, guide, direct, and teach the horse what is required of him” Amen to that.
Source: Horse Nation.